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bye Singapore... For now?

First year is coming to an end...​

No more deadlines.

No more revision.

No more exams.

No more uni, living in poverty at a student, starving, drinking tea and not moving from the sofa for a few days. 

                           = More time to travel and blog, yes.


As many of you know, I've been lucky enough to experience the beautiful country and culture of Singapore for the past 3 years after some of my beautiful family moved over there for work opportunities.

Amazingly for my Uncle, in 2013 he was offered a 3-year job offer in Singapore where him, my Auntie and Theo have moved until Summer 2017. And finally, the year has come and they're moving home!!


The concept of them moving across the world was hard and especially considering we all have such a close bond. Theo was only 3 months old, and as he was there in my arms being the perfect little baby he was, I knew he wouldn't be this small for long, and I needed to get out to Singapore as much as I could before I missed him grow up. 

- Luckily for me, someone who can sleep wherever, whenever- them 12 hour flights weren't too bad for me and of course; they were so worth it in the end. 


Then, March 10th 2017, my beautiful little cousin Sophia was born. Having been there three months prior to her birth, I knew that this is what my savings had to go on because I needed to meet this little beauty. 

Sharing my last Singapore experience with Sophia was the best, last time I could've gone. 

Singapore has been amazing over these 3 years, and I thought I'd highlight my favourite parts of Singapore from my experiences as the last goodbye (for now - who knows?)...​



The small island just off of Singapore was my first ever encounter and where my family first moved. Sentosa is full of beaches and tourist attractions everywhere. Perfect for my first time in Singapore.


- However, going back for the following years, we still took a few trips in the cable car over to Sentosa, obviously for Universal Studios, The Aquarium and of course Theo's favourite... The HUUUUUGE water pirate ship. I also got the opportunity to do the inside Sky Dive with my Pops. 

Once my family moved off of the Sentosa island and into the city, we had more opportunity as Theo was getting older, to explore more of the city of Singapore. 

Singapore is slightly similar to London in many ways, with a tube service that allows you to travel to most parts of Singapore for only a small price. Which was amazing for us, as we wanted to see as much as possible. We also went to The Zoo - where we had breakfast with the Orangutans.

China Town:​​​​


​With only a short tube ride, China Town was filled with food stools, clothes stalls and stools filled with any crap you can imagine they can get. It was the prime place for cheap presents and gifts, amazingly yummy chicken rice, the best mango smoothies and obviously the famous hareem trousers. Luckily enough for me, London isn't too far, so neither is China Town.

Little India:​

Little India is another tube stop or taxi drive away. With Singapore being so multi-cultured, having these different towns within Singapore allowed us to have an authentic Indian meal, which is served on a big green leaf with only our hands to eat with. What a delicious and amazing experience. Definitely, one to recommend. 

Arab Street:​


The Lebanese food made this place to remember. Luckily, every time we went, my family enjoyed the food as much as I did too. With Arab street doing the same as Little India and China Town, it helped add another element of cultural diversity within Singapore.

Now obviously, there are some iconic places in Singapore that many people are familiar with, and of course, we have time to cover them here, but mostly just photos because I can hardly begin to explain the beauty of this Country.

The famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel:​​


Up 57 floors, with a rooftop infinity pool, and drinks whilst looking over the whole of Singapore, what more could you want?

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the most iconic in Singapore. The agricultural element of a boat sitting on top of pillars just makes it even more amazing. 

When at the top of the hotel, we are able to see the Singapore Flyer (Basically the London Eye), and whilst Singapore is slowly becoming more similar to London, it still has the best ice cream waiting at the bottom... 

..and it was a dream.​

Gardens by the Bay is also another iconic place in Singapore. With 101 hectares garden, this really is a beautiful place to go, and such an amazing experience. There are also huge glass domes where you can find a waterfall and more gardens. Gardens by the Bay can be enjoyed in both daytime and night. With a special light show to enjoy, it's worth going to see in both lights.


Where to start?


Orchard road is Singapore's version of Oxford Street, with high street to top end fashion shops, it really is the best place and most popular to shop. ​

​Over the three years, I visited, its safe to say I absolutely smashed this part of Singapore. From clothes to shoes, to the best cupcakes ever- that became a tradition every time I went over.

Raffles Hotel:​

Brunch at Raffles Hotel with a Singapore Sling is definitely one to put on your list. A beautiful hall with an endless buffet of food and drink. What more could you want?

Lunch in the sun with a drink? They have that too, with beautiful courtyards. 

Most of all I want to thank my beautiful family, for always welcoming me into their home with open arms, love, and a week filled with fun. BUT... I've had enough of 13-hour flights, so hurry home my favourite people xxxxxx

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