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December Organising

It’s December and officially the month of Christmas! - not that it necessarily stopped anyone preparing early in November...

As a student, I know that the Christmas holidays are just a countdown to January deadlines. So whilst I'd love to be at home, relaxing, curled up on the sofa drinking tea all day long, I know I've got revision that needs to be done. 

Organisation is key.

Whilst struggling with anxiety I know that I need to be organised to avoid any extra stress, so organisation comes naturally to me; because the last thing anyone needs is a stressy me. Lists are my best friends. My diary is my best friend. I know that what works for me, may not necessarily benefit anyone else - but why not share my 3 top tips keep you going (or get you started?)... We all experience bursts of motivation to organise ourselves, we just have to find the best way we work. 

Keep everything together.

The first way you'll stress yourself out and waste time is if you store things in multiple places. Make the effort to have things in one place, and keep them there. It'll benefit you in the long run. There are loads of super cute organisers and boxes that you can get. Keeping things tidy helps too.

Be realistic.

When planning and organising yourself, be realistic with your time. Being realistic with dates and time will help dodge any excuses that you may come up within the process. Don't barricade yourself in time slots though. Give yourself enough time for your hobbies, family, friends etc. Making sure that you have a healthy balance will help prevent stress and get sh*t done.

Make lists your best friend too.

Lists are the perfect way to have everything in one place. Whether you create a to-do list, shopping list, list of stuff to pack - it gives you the opportunity to add, change and follow when organising yourself and tasks. You can get a cute notebook, or even use your phone. They're the easiest thing to create and are life savers. 


Conventional but the best. Diaries give you one place to put all of your plans down, per day, per week, per month, for the year. You can get so many super cute diaries for 2018, and this is the perfect time to start getting prepared. The New Years countdown is creeping up on us too, and maybe your 'New Years Resolution' can be to be more organised? 

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