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Digital feminism is on the rise and is more powerful than ever

The rise in social media has given women a new platform to promote gender equality and female empowerment. The opportunities that come with digital developments allow us to influence and educate each other on inequalities whilst encouraging global change.

The development of these digital technologies have created more opportunities for women globally, whilst giving us an opportunity to showcase our skills and abilities. Although may be gender-inequalities across cultures when considering the use of these platforms, women are finding comfort in these platforms as a tool to encourage gender equality. We now have more opportunity to spread knowledge, educate, build awareness and influence others. We are the pioneers of the #metoo movement and with digital success, we see a rise in digital feminism.

“Social Media Movements that Prove Girl Power is the Greatest Force in the World.” - AdLibbing

These platforms provide women with a space to express themselves and assert their definitions of being a woman. Online movements are encouraging more female participation and support from others, whilst creating a platform to unite in ways that have the potential to change the world. “With the digitalisation of society, women have been able to become more visible.” For so long, women have been objectified in the media. These platforms should be used as a voice to women, who otherwise wouldn’t have one for gender issues. Having the opportunity to utilise digital platforms mobilise large groups of women, helping push forward a positive agenda that empowers others.

In 2019, women now have a stronger voice than at any point in human history, as well as groups from across all socio-economic and identity statuses because of social media. Whether its for religious, political or cultural purposes, women no longer have to rely on institutions to communicate for us. We now have more power to narrate female experiences and shine a light on issues and situations that would have previously been buried and dismissed.

It’s only by genuine engagement with anyone and everyone that we can empower. We will never empower women by silencing discourse.

The potential for gender equality and women’s empowerment through digital developments is endless. These advances provide women with opportunities to educate themselves, access health and educational services, generate income and collaborate in having their voices heard. Whilst these digital technologies are enhancing women’s networking potentials for social and political advocacy, it further strengthens female participation in the political process. Supporting the work of women officials help increase our access to government and its services, influencing political change.

It may be optimistic to think that the power of technology can bring radical change to cultures globally, but the proof is there and so is the potential for more developments. We women can use these platforms to educate, encourage and empower other women, to generate change and encourage equality across the world. We are finding our position in the tech industry and will soon have more power and access to communicate and influence others. Social media gives us the potential to reach global societies and engage more women in gender-equality movements, whilst creating a space to share experiences. The impact of digitalisation on women has provided opportunity and created a platform for empowerment.

*excerpt from my journalism project*

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