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Forward Ladies Grand National Finals 2019

Friday 29th November saw 500 women and men from different regions, backgrounds and businesses, get together for the annual Forward Ladies Grand National Finals. Held at the Royal Armouries, Leeds, I had the opportunity to speak as part of the #NextGeneration panel, discussing Mental Health in the workplace and how businesses can support this.

The day-time event ceremony was filled with inspiring, motivational women ready to celebrate and generate change in business, to create more equal opportunities for women. With awards for leadership and discussions on empowerment, the event was a gorgeous celebration of all women in business.

This was my first public speaking event and I couldn't have done it without Jessica Okoro, my fellow #FutureGen Ambassador. For someone who's anxiety stops me from leaving the house on a weekend, to stand in front of 500 people and discuss this, was a huge achievement for me. It was amazing to have the support from the Forward Ladies network leading up to the event and to be able to discuss the future generation vision with Arti Halai was a dream.

To be a Future Generation Brand Ambassador for Forward Ladies, a brand that has such strong brand visions, aims and values, is an honour.

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