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Freda - Created for Women, by Women.

​Introducing Freda: The new organic period care range for the modern women that is dragging femcare into the 21st Century.


Aimed at modern, health- and socially-conscious women, its tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton that is biodegradable, hypoallergenic - and free from chemicals and synthetic fibres commonly found in some big brand tampons - whilst their pads contain 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable materials.

Freda is on a mission to break down taboos and stigma by normalising conversation around periods. The company has been created for women by women - and portion of every subscription to Freda goes towards worldwide initiatives tackling period poverty both in the UK and internationally including A Bloody Good Cause, a UK initiative to provide pads to refugees and the homeless, Bloody Good Period, which provides asylum seekers with better access to period care, and Killi Pads, a microenterprise in Tanzania which produces reusable cloth pads with locally sourced materials for local school girls, many of whom live in poverty, with little access to running water, hygienic facilities or basic period care.​

“From transparency to responsibility to access, the whole femcare space needs rebooting. And Freda is here to reboot it”, says Freda founder Affi Parvizi-Wayne who started the company after seeing refugees stuck at European border crossings on the news and wondering how they managed their periods. “We want to talk openly about the subject without patronising women or telling them how to live their periods. We want to embrace how we experience periods and start recognising them as a sign of a healthy woman”, Affi adds.

I received my gorgeous eco-friendly box, filled with some Freda surprises. Aside from the organic nature of the products, Freda sent 2 mixed sized bags to keep them discreetly hidden which are easy to keep with you when necessary. Everyone has different, personal experiences when it comes to periods, and Freda aims to break down the stigma surrounding periods by making their brand accessible to anyone. ​


Freda is an online subscription service, which understands that every cycle is different, and allows you to select your own combination of products and absorbencies based on your period. Using artificial intelligence to predict your start date its online period tracker allows you to sync the delivery of your products to ensure they arrive a few days before your cycle. The tracker combines an advanced algorithm and insight from specialist consultant gynaecologists. As you input your personal data, the algorithm gets to know your period cycles over time, which makes even irregular periods more predictable and the Freda delivery timelier. ​

Named after Freyja who, in Norse mythology, is a goddess associated with love, sex, beauty and fertility, Freda believes that having honest conversations is key to creating a generational change towards bringing periods to the forefront of awareness which will help to bust myths, break taboos and normalise the conversation. “One day it will become the norm for a new generation to talk about something which half the population go through monthly so they’re not embarrassed when they go to school or work and can talk freely about it. And this is important because it affects how women and girls view themselves, which affects confidence - and confidence is the key to everything”, says Affi.


A Freda subscription costs around £6.99 a month and can be purchased online.

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