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KAYALI Déjà vu White Flower | 57

Kayali, Arabic for ‘my imagination’, is the newly released fragrance from Huda Beauty founders, Huda and Mona Kattan. The Déjà vu White Flower | 57, is their sixth Eau de Parfum, which was born out of Mona’s love for jasmine and tuberose. After two years in the making and 56 editions of the fragrance, the formula was perfected on the 57th go and this multi-faceted fragrance is not only powerfully seductive, but long-lasting like your most treasured memories. We’re giving Cohorted subscribers the opportunity to try it for themselves, exclusively in our Summer Essentials July Beauty Box.

"Fragrance evokes such strong memories for me, and I always remember the first time that I’ve experienced a fragrance. With KAYALI Déjà vu White Flower | 57 we want to transport you back to your most treasured memories and make you dream of the future."

- Mona Kattan

Creating memories to last a lifetime, Déjà vu White Flower | 57 was formulated at an exciting time in Mona’s life, one filled with new opportunities and beginnings. The excitement to try the most recent KAYALI Eau de Parfum had us itching to smother ourselves in it.

Handcrafted in France, Mona and her team wanted to perfect this complex blend, to ensure it would truly evoke the spirit of warming nostalgia, as well as the thrill of future hope. The white florals are combined with aromatic sandalwood and fruity notes of white nectarine and orange flower, which come together in a seductive and unique blend that truly seduces the senses.

Inspired by the rich heritage of the Middle East, KAYALI has been created to reflect the limitless possibilities, personalities and desires to celebrate and enhance one’s infinite layers. A Cohorted can guarantee, you truly will be transported through your senses.

"Bespoke beauty is something we’re very passionate about and KAYALI is all about discovering your own unique fragrance. A fragrance for every layer of you." - Mona Kattan

Mona and her team travelled around the globe to source the best materials for this warm, yet comforting scent and didn’t disappoint. 

Formulated with some of the most luxurious raw materials globally including Jasmine and Tuberose from India, Patchuoli from Indonesia, Sandalwood from Sri Lanka and Vanilla from Tahiti, this fragrance really hits the sweet spot. With a generous 25% concentration of oil, the Kattan sisters pushed boundaries to ensure you really are getting as much of the sensual fragrance as possible.

With green pear, white nectarine and lush gardenia top notes, along with Indian jasmine absolute, orange flower and tuberose infusion middle notes, and crystallized patchouli, cashmere woods, Sri Lankan sandalwood and Tahitian Vanilla base, this combination of ingredients is guaranteed to get the attention of anyone who passes by. If the seductive scent itself wasn’t enough, the Déjà vu White Flower | 57 is packaged in a slick white and gold KAYALI Fragrance box, perfect for your shelfie.

Mona’s Tips:

  • Spritz a couple of times on hair or pulse points, or both, to make your perfume last longer throughout the day.

  • Spray your fragrance into your hairbrush before brushing your hair.

  • Spray the scent on your hair towel before drying her hair, the result is a subtle hint of the fragrance that will follow you around all day.

Available to purchase HERE. $85 USD / £67 /€77 for 50ml

*This post was written in collaboration with Huda Beauty and KAYALI Fragrance. See the full post on Cohorted Cult here.

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