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For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@ejtlifestyle), and voted yes in my recent poll about new content - thank you!!

You've helped to motivate me to begin doing more independent blog posts about me, and my favourites.

I am the type of girl that gets hair-bored very quickly. I have naturally brown, curly hair. After years of dying, cutting, heating, styling and no brushing - my hair needs as much love as it can get. I've had these products for years, and they've always come in handy for when my hair needs different things.

My top hair care products:


The curvaceous full swirl cream helps to encourage curls to form and hold, and works best when applied on damp hair.


A heat protecting spray which helps to style and protect our hair to up to 230degrees. Spray on hair before any contact with heat.


Elvive extraordinary oil is another product that nourishes hair and also protects from heat damage. I find that this is one of the most beneficial products for my hair when it is dry.


A thermal protector spray for dry, coarse hair. For best results, applying to hair before using any heat.


An amazing leave in conditioner which helps to protect hair from heat, detangles and de-stresses​​. I commonly leave this overnight in a bun to allow my hair to soak up the moisture.


A luxurious volume spray which thickens the hair and adds volume and shine.

My top skin care products:​​

I'm a 20 year old girl, with hormones flying everywhere and living a student lifestyle. I eat endless amounts of s**t food, and hardly drink water (*slap on hand*), so it's safe to say that my skin has began to pay for my careless attitude throughout my early teenage years.

My skin condition fluctuates, and the products I use often change depending on my current skin type. I've picked a handful of my go-to products for all the different skin types I experience.


Night cream. Helps to regenerate dry skin, and is a go to product for bed when I'm struggling with dry skin.


Sensitive cleansing milk. Helps to cleanse the skin and mildly prevents redness, tightness and dryness. For sensitive skin.


Hydrating mask for dry or sensitive skin. I received this product in my first ever Roccabox and completely fell in love. The mask is made with Royal Jelly and Evening Primrose Oil.


Vitamin C skin revive cream leaves the skin feeling amazing and brighter. I mainly use this product for when my skin is looking dry and dull.


Mattifying moisture lotion. This product has saved my life. I often find that when i over-use products, my skin over produces oil and becomings more oily than normal. This cream helps to mattify the skin and absorb the oils on the surface.


A blue amber face peeling mask, known to remove the lightest top layer of skin to regenerate cells.


Micellar cleansing water, even for sensitive skin. It removes, cleanses and soothes, whilst helping to hydrate the skin.

My CLINIQUE favourites:

Clinique has always been one of my favourite skin care brands. With duty-free prices, I've spent the past few years stocking up on their products.

- Moisture surge face spray. I'm obsessed wit their whole thirsty skin relief collection, but this is a product that I use daily. Because I don't drink water, i feel less guilty on my skin when I use this, even if I know it doesn't to the same thing, hehe... Perfect for dry skin.

- Dramatically different moisturising lotion. My first ever moisturiser, and my go to moisturiser too. Perfect for all skin types and it creates a flawless base for primer too.

- The 'All about the eyes' serum helps to de-puff and massage eyes whilst reducing any dark circles.

- Rinse-off eye make up solvent is a oil based product which helps to remove any access eye make up. It takes make-up off easily, and isn't irritating on the skin.

- Their clarifying lotion helps to remove any left over make up, and it shook me the first time i used it. You'll be surprised with how much product is still on your face when you think you've removed it all. DON'T get in contact with eyes.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favs, and a different/more personal blog post. Check out my other post on Bryt Skin Care for details and information on their brand! Another few of my favs products are on there!

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