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Self-Care Sundays

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Sundays; the end of the week, the ultimate day to rest up and do absolutely nothing, guilt-free. After what may have felt like the longest week ever, Sundays are here to comfort us into a new week, giving us time to rest and recover. For some, Sundays are often the day to get shit done ready for the coming week.

Whether you like to get everything done on Sundays, or do absolutely nothing at all, I’ve put together a list of things, if you choose to do anything that is…


Whether it’s a cheeky walk to the corner shop for Sunday snacks, or a full-on weights workout at the gym, keeping you body moving over the weekend will benefit you physically and mentally ready for Monday. You can take a short walk, head to the gym, do some yoga or take a jog around the block.


After a hard weeks work, why not treat yourself this Sunday? Take a trip to that coffee shop you’ve been insta-stalking for a while, or head to the riverside pub for a Sunday roast you don’t have to cook. Whatever you choose to do, don’t feel guilty for treating yourself this weekend.


Are you fed up of looking at your overflowing laundry basket? Tired of your spices falling out that crammed cupboard? Use Sundays to get cleansed and organised. Keep a list of things to do throughout the week, so that by Sunday, you have a clear task list to work through. There are a multitude of organisation and cleaning hacks and inspiration online, we guarantee you’ll want to up your game going forward.

NETFLIX & CHILL (no, really)

Get on that series you love and binge it until your eyes are sore. Don’t move and don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes, we just need a day of nothing. A day of comfort and ease, catching up on weekly TV, something that Netflix can certainly provide.


Dig deep in that pamper stash you’ve been keeping to one side and get ready to treat yourself like a queen. Take a nice long soak, get your favourite bath bomb and shower gel involved, put on your special-occasion face mask and immerse yourself in your at-home spa experience. Sometimes, you just need half an hour to wind down and perfect your skincare routine.


The biggest thing about Sundays, is the potential. Thinking about that DIY task you’ve wanted to attempt for a while? You have so much opportunity to gain control over the coming week. Whether you decide to spring clean the house, create some content, do a well-over due food shop or set weekly goals, Sundays give you the

opportunity to get control ready for the week ahead.

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