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Self-Help Books For Your Collection

Self-help books are a great way to build your knowledge on an area of interest, specifically from someone else's perspective. Whether you’re looking to change the way you live, adapt to new habits in your routine and become more openminded, there are an endless supply of self-help books to help you unlock your potential.

For me, when discussing my mental health, I always struggled to put into words how I was REALLY feeling. I found comfort in hearing other peoples experiences, so I could relate and normalise my thoughts and feelings. ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig was my first dive into the self-help category. As you can imagine, it did send my mum into panic mode when she saw the Amazon order confirmation…

Over the past 6 years, I’ve had my fair share of mental health based books. With my mother contributing to my endless pile of books to be read, I knew it was time to invest my spare time into helping myself more. I’m not a big reader, but when I do decide to pick up a book, it’s either a crime/thriller, or a self-help book.

Below, I have got together my favourite go-to reads for when I need some motivation, empowerment or comfort in how I’m feeling. With a mixture of easy, literature reads to science-based books, there should be something for everyone to give a try…

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