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Self Love with Zuela | Gifted AD

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

"We want to enable you to make lingerie a part of your daily routine, the first thing you put on in the morning that reminds you to be kind to yourself. Lingerie is intimate just like our mental health and something that sometimes we tend to overlook. I don’t want you to comprise on comfort, style or your values. We want you to look and feel incredible everyday."

Let's touch on self-esteem. Something that everyone has, but no one really has. In today's society, we spend our lives battling against ourselves and our self-esteem, which evidently impacts our mental health. Aside from all the good it brings, the rise in social media is no help to this. We are all guilty of picking up on 'imperfections' and comparing ourselves to these perfect Instagram models we scroll past on our feeds. But let's get one thing clear. IMPERFECTIONS ARE PERFECTION. These little things are what make us who we are.

Self love is a long process - no one learns to love themselves overnight. I've spent the last 5 years battling with my mind and my body, and I'm still no where near where I want to be. My depression and anxiety has enough power to completely manipulate any of my thoughts into something negative. I've forgotten how to love and look after myself.

I remember a time where I wouldn’t dare leave the house without the perfect outfit, flawless make up and brushed hair. I was always in competition with myself and was so conscious of how I looked to everyone else. Now, I’m lucky if I even make it out the house and when I do, you could probably put money on the fact that I’ll have 0 make up on, an un-brushed messy bun and clothes that easily resemble pyjamas.

But I want to learn to love myself again. I think after everything, I deserve some tlc. I want to find the energy to approach everyday as the best possible version of myself. My best self.

At some point in our lives, everyone will struggle with their mental health in one way or another. The important thing is learning how to cope with these feelings and investing your energy into positive outlets.

Which brings me to Zuela, a sustainable lingerie brand which helps women to build confidence and self-esteem through mindful, empowering and eco-conscious intimates. I've had my eye on this brand for a while, as everything they believe in and stand for is so important and close to me, and also something that needs to be transitioned into everyday life. With confidence, wellbeing and mental health in mind, 5% of net profits are donated to Mind Charity. I am honoured to collaborate with Zuela and talk about every beautiful little thing they do.

All lingerie pieces are created using the most sustainable practices possible and using eco friendly bamboo and organic cotton. They are crafted into beautiful, clean and comfortable wearing styles, using wire free designs to give us that 'braless, effortless feeling'. I can't remember the last time I wore a proper bra so I am HERE for wireless undies.

"We want you to want to put your bra on in the morning."

To help promote physical and emotional wellbeing, each bra has a pocket full of healing crystals, which can be used as a wellness tool to help balance ourselves. Why crystals? Well, crystals admit vibrations of energy and are great at holding a stable vibration. As humans, we can have unstable vibrations due to our emotions and stresses of everyday life. When these energy levels become unbalanced, we can become sick and unwell, both mentally and physically. Zuela try to choose crystals that women can harness as wellness tools in times of need. These are used to help women build confidence and calm the mind. The brand offer information on how to cleanse, charge and programme crystals to benefit our everyday lives.

I was kindly gifted the white Crystalwear set which I immediately fell in love with. As soon as I put my 'positive pants' on, I felt like the strong woman I know I am. The crystal bralette has been delicately crafted from intricate lace trim and breathable bamboo jersey, which stretches with each breath you take."It's the ultimate comfort in lingerie". 

The set itself came with a pocket full of 'Blue Lace Agate' crystals to provide healing and positive energy throughout your day. This specific crystal helps to sooth natural energy, calm the mind and alleviate anger and nervous tension. The bra itself has a small incision to place your crystals to help keep the energy close to your heart, whilst ensuring your crystals never fall out your bra again.


"Now I understand that a crystal bra is not going to be the sole reason you suddenly learn to heal but it is my hope that it can be a daily wellness tool to reconnect with yourself."

- Steff Pitman, Zuela Founder





**Contains PR gifted items**

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