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Tackle your Periods with OurRemedy CBD Oil

OurRemedy, a new CBD Oil with a difference, created by a team of women, with women’s wellness in mind. For all those ups and downs we experience: menstrual pains, hormone imbalance, anxiety, cramps and muscle pain and mood swings, CBD Oil may be the missing piece of the puzzle to help you.

Made in the UK, OurRemedy is an organic, vegan oil which is formulated with a unique blend of grape seed and infused with 500mg CBD with two essential oils; clary sage (helps to alleviate cramps and hormonal change, as well as soothing PMS symptoms such as bloating, mood swings and compulsive eating) and peppermint (known to have muscle-relaxing benefits to help with PMS related cramping and adds a subtle flavour which steers away from the traditional earthy-hemp taste other oils have).

Why there are no published research studies on the use of CBD to relieve period pain, cannabinoid expert Dr Dani Gordon shared that CBD Oil does have ‘well-studied anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects across a wide range of chronic pain conditions.’ There have also been various studies executed to research into how CBD can support various health conditions.

Packaged beautifully in sustainable, recycled materials, this shelfie-friendly CBD Oil is also cruelty-free. In a 10ml bottle with a pipette, this handbag-friendly oil is ideal for carrying around for emergencies when travelling. To encourage less waste, OurRemedy also offers plastic-free refills for returning customers, with a £5 product incentive for doing so. This is a great way to encourage conscious thinking when investing in beauty products.

Just when you thought this unique women’s wellness product couldn’t get any better – for each bottle of OurRemedy sold, the brand donates compostable sanitary products to leading Period Poverty Charity, Bloody Good Period. ”Self-care is important, but it doesn’t need to be selfish care. 1 in 4 women miss work due to period poverty, so we’re helping out. When you buy OurRemedy, you’re helping too.” Founder, Rachel Mason, knows the importance of brands using their position in the industry to encourage more conversations around menstrual health.


OurRemedy is available online and from select stores from RRP £29.99. *If on medication, please research in-depth the effects of CBD Oil before taking it. **Please follow the suggested daily amount.

***This post was written in collaboration with OurRemedy for Cohorted Cult.

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