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Things To Remember Post-Lockdown

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

With the UK’s national lockdown soon to be lifted, the anxiety around returning to what we considered ‘normality’ is starting to set in…

There is definitely a level of pressure in society to quickly bounce back and move forward with ease. But is there almost too much pressure to keep busy, catch up for lost time and get back out there?

The effects that just over a year of lockdown has had on individuals are likely to be invisible. The mental battle that we have all had to face at one point or another over the past year hasn’t ended yet. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, but not everyone is ready for it.

Things to remember whilst you find your feet:


It’s happening for everyone. Cliche, I know, but you’re definitely not alone in feeling overwhelmed with this new way of living. How different will things be now? Maybe not as much as you think…


Nervous to return back to normality? What even is normal? We have learnt and experienced too much over the past year to fall back into an old way of living. We appreciate more, love more and want to get more out of everything we do. Don’t pressure yourself to return to normality, create a new kind of normal.

YOU are your priority

People have missed you; they’ve missed socialising and living beyond the 4 walls of their house. But if you’re not on the same wavelength as them just yet, then say no to plans if it’s necessary. YOU are still your priority and there will be enough opportunities in the future to catch up for lost time.


Don’t underestimate the power of self-care; the power of taking time out for yourself with no guilt. Whether you choose to spend your time practising mindfulness, doing your skincare routine, binge-watching Netflix or taking a nap, you do you. It’s so important to tune into your body and look after it.

Use those around you

Whether it’s physically or digitally, you have people around you who care for you and love you. You can meet for a coffee, long overdue drinks with the girls, or just a facetime catch up, but don’t withdraw yourself when you feel overwhelmed. It is likely that someone close to you is feeling the same, and it’s going to take time to adapt.

Maintain healthy work-life balance

After a year of working from home and living in our office, now is the time to establish a healthy routine again. Ensure that you’re working within your scheduled hours, taking a lunch break for some fresh air and you’re not heading towards burnout.

Fuel your body

Ensure you’re keeping your body supported and working. Cook up some good food, drink plenty of water and incorporate vitamins into your daily routine for extra nutrients. Heading back into society will be busy, overwhelming and maybe scary, so don’t neglect your physical health as well.

Keep moving

Even if you don’t fancy braving the outside world just yet, it’s so important to keep your body moving throughout the day. Whether you pop into the garden for a stretch, do a yoga session inside or take a run through the woods, keeping the blood flowing will help you avoid feeling lethargic. Soon, you’ll be back in the bars and won’t be able to stop your feet from moving.

Stop comparing

Everyone goes at their own pace. There will definitely be pressure from different people and places to keep up with socialising since lockdown is lifting. Don’t compare your mindset to others. Everyone experienced lockdown differently and everyone will experience coming out of it differently. Take your time, do what you need to do and those around you will support you in the meantime or come around when you’re ready.

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